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Are you interested in joining greek life and have no idea what it is or what to do? Are you interested in joining a multi-cultural sorority or fraternity but do not understand what to do or how to join one? Here are some of our frequently answered questions. If none of them answer your questions, please reach out to us. 

Why should I join Greek Life- or most importantly- why should I join the Multicultural Greek Life?

Greek Life fosters a sense of community on our large campus. A community that provides its members leadership and networking opportunities to grow as leaders and as individuals. As one of the Greek Council, MSFC offers their Greeks with all of these opportunities and more! MSFC chapters were originally formed to promote inclusiveness and social justice by remaining socially and culturally aware of the issues going on on campus and worldwide. Some of our organizations have funded scholarships for students in need, as well as outreach programs for local high schools.  


Do you want to be involved in Greek Life but don’t know where to start?

During Week 0 of every Fall Quarter, MSFC hosts ‘Info Night’ in which most of the sororities and fraternities within the council gather in one room to provide information about their organizations and to recruit new members. This event will be held on campus and is of no charge and free of any obligation!

Chances too, are if a fraternity or sorority are recruiting they will be at the Anteater Involvement Fair.


What if I can’t join during the Fall? Can I join the following quarter?

The sororities and fraternities within the Multicultural Sorority and Fraternity Council vary in recruitment. Some organizations hold year-long recruitment, while other organizations go by quarter. The best way to find out if the chapter you are interested in is recruiting is to check their Instagram pages and reach out!


Do I have to be a student of color in order to join MSFC or a specific chapter?

Of course not! The Greeks are all about finding where you most fit in, so if that means joining a Multicultural-based sorority or a Latino-based fraternity, then go for it!


Are there leadership opportunities within MSFC Chapters?

There are many leadership positions available within the council and within the chapters. There’s a common misconception that MSFC organizations do not provide their Greeks with enough leadership development opportunities, but that is not the case! Many of MSFC Greeks find themselves holding more than one position in order to meet the needs of their chapters.


Is there a GPA requirement in order to join Greek Life?

Yes! You must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA. If you are a Freshman looking to join during your first quarter at UCI, Greek organizations will look at your high school GPA.


Do MSFC chapters haze? 

Our university has a strict no-hazing policy all Greek organizations have to abide by, and MSFC chapters are no exception to that. To read the policy in full length, click here.

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