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Meet our 2023-2024 Executive Board

Get acquainted with the driving force behind MSFC – our Executive Officers. This dedicated team is the guiding light, shaping our council's path towards unity in diversity. Discover the faces leading us to empowerment, growth, and vibrant connections.

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Elias Rodriguez

Nu Alpha Kappa

MajorCriminology and Social Ecology
Fun FactI'm from the Bay Area
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VP of Finance

Byron Arriola

Nu Alpha Kappa

Year: 4th
MajorCriminology, Law, and Society
Fun Fact:   I’ve been too 14 concerts this year
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VP of Programming

Puru Gajare

Lambda Theta Delta

Computer Science
Fun Fact i don’t check both sides of the street before crossing
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VP of Risk Management

Kevin Nguyen

Chi Rho Omicoron

Year: 2nd
MajorSoftware Engineering
Fun Fact
I like turtles
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Executive VP

Andrea Artunian

Alpha Gamma Alpha

Year: 4th
Fun FactI've never been on a plane before
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VP of Communications

Michelle Bui

Delta Lambda Chi

Year: 4th
MajorComputer Science
Fun FactMy favorite dogs are chihuahuas
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VP of Scholarship

Deysi Benavides

Phi Lambda Rho

Year: 5th
MajorPolitical Sciences &
Chicano/Latino Studies

Fun FactI am a big Messi fan and
was born in El Salvador

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VP of Recruitment

Jason Pham

Lambda Theta Delta

Year: 2nd
MajorCriminology, Law, and Society
Fun FactI am from New York and
love to play tennis

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