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About Us

Multicultural Sorority and Fraternity Council

On June 8, 2009, the Multicultural Sorority and Fraternity Council (formerly known as Multicultural Greek Organizations) was founded at the University of California, Irvine to serve the campus and the multicultural community through cooperation, communication, and participations. The eight executive board members are selected carefully by representatives from each member organizations each school year. Together,  they work together to develop unity and support for each member organization. You can read about our Constitution and By-Laws on our resources page.


  • To govern, monitor, and coordinate member organizations so as to provide a means through which the organizations will employ a united and constructive approach to Sorority and Fraternity Campus Life.

  • To encourage and maintain a superior level of scholarship for members and member organizations of the Multicultural Sorority & Fraternity Council.

  • To foster and support the cultural enrichment of the community.

  • To create a harmonious working relationship amongst member organizations.

  • To provide a forum of discussion within the Member Organizations that address the needs of the community.

  • To serve as a liaison between the Member Organizations of the Multicultural Sorority & Fraternity Council and University of California, Irvine Administration.


Each week, each organization's delegate meet every Monday with the MSFC executive board to discuss important business like upcoming events, voting, and share updates.

Every MSFC recognized organization have one seat in the council. That seat will be a voting seat, which shall be held by an active member of the chapter. In an event of an absence, an alternate from the same chapter may be allowed to vote.

All executive board members are active members in their organization as well as Full-time UC Irvine students. Additionally to the delegate meetings, executive board members also meet weekly.

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